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By Mandeep Kumar|Updated : August 29th, 2022

Note on Giuseppe Mazzini: He was the Italian revolutionary born in Genoa in 1807. He was a member of the secret society of the Carbonari. At the age of 24, he was sent into exile for attempting a revolution in Liguria in 1831. He founded two societies namely Young Italy in Marseilles and Young Europe in Berne. The members of these groups were from Italy, Poland, France, and the German states.

Giuseppe Mazzini

Giuseppe Mazzini believed that unification alone could be the basis of Italian liberty. According to him, “God had intended nations to be the natural units of mankind”. Secret societies were set up in Switzerland, Germany, France, and Poland following his model. 

The conservatives were frightened because of his vision of democratic republics. He was described as ‘the most dangerous enemy of our social order’ by Metternich.

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  • Giuseppe Mazzini was an Italian journalist, politician, and activist. He worked for the unification of Italy and leader of the Italian revolutionary movement. He was born on 22 June 1805 and died on 10 March 1872 at the age of 66.

  • Giuseppe Mazzini founded two societies. They are Young Italy and Young Europe. His efforts resulted in the formation of an independent and unified Italy.

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