Write a Note on Functions of the Government

By Mandeep Kumar|Updated : August 29th, 2022

The political system that sets rules for a society a country or a community for administration and regulation is called a government. The functions of a government are listed below:

  • Ensuring that all its citizens have enough to eat.
  • To provide good health facilities to its citizens.
  • Organizing assistance for the affected people when there are natural disasters like tsunami or an earthquake.
  • Courts are also part of the government that resolves disputes.
  • Regulation over the resources.
  • Protection of the territory of a country, etc.

What is a Government?

The government is a body that makes decisions and gets things done. It consists of legislature, executive, and judiciary. The government is responsible for taking action on social issues, running postal and railway services, protecting the boundaries of the country, and establishing peaceful relations with other countries.

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  • The functions of government are making laws for a country, ensuring good health facilities, making the availability of enough food, assisting people when there are natural calamities, etc.

  • There are two types of government democratic and monarchy. The democratic form of government is elected by the people whereas, in the monarchy, there is a king or queen who has the power to take decisions.

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