Write a note on functional foremanship.

By Ritesh|Updated : September 5th, 2022

A factory system that supports the use of many foremen in distinct and different functions is known as functional foremanship. In the past, factories had a single overall manager who oversaw all operations. For manufacturing workers, this boss or the foreman was their only contact.

The eminent engineer Frederick Winslow Taylor identified a key flaw in this method. He stated that all of the characteristics would be necessary for a successful supervisor of that specific activity or line of work. He realized that no single person would likely own all of them. Thus, the concept of working foremanship was born.

Taylor's Observation

He noted that a single employee couldn't be an expert in every facet of manufacturing. He required that eight people carry out the foreman's responsibilities, and this line of work became known as functional foremanship. This type of work comprised the following roles:

  • Instruction Card Clerk: This teacher instructs employees on how to perform their jobs.
  • Path Clerk: He was responsible for mentioning the production route.
  • Time and Cost Clerk: He was responsible for setting up the time and cost sheet.
  • Disciplinarian: He was in charge of upholding order in the plant and in the production area.
  • The planning supervisor supervises these four positions.


Write a note on functional foremanship.

Functional foremanship refers to a production system that uses numerous foremen in various and unique functional roles. In the past, a single general manager managed all operations in a factory.


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