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By Mandeep Kumar|Updated : September 5th, 2022

Frankfurt Parliament was formed on 18 May 1848. In the German regions, many political associations came together, including middle-class professionals, businessmen, and artisans. It was the first freely elected parliament for all of Germany, including the German-populated areas of Austria-Hungary. 

About Frankfurt Parliament

A total of 831 elected representatives marched into a procession to take their places in the Frankfurt Parliament convened in the church of St. Paul. The other key points related to the Frankfurt Parliament are:

  • A constitution was drafted to be headed by a monarchy subject to a parliament.
  • The middle class dominated the parliament and resisted the demands of the artisans and workers. 
  • It resulted in the loss of their support.
  • When the Parliament was convened, women were observers only to stand in the visitor’s gallery.
  • In the end, the assembly was disbanded by the troops.

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  • Frankfurt Parliament was established on 18 May 1848. It was the first freely elected Parliament for the people of Germany. After a long debate and meeting, the Frankfurt constitution was introduced in the assembly. The Prussia King refused to accept the office of the emperor and in the end, the assembly was disbanded by the troops.

  • There were 831 elected representatives in the Frankfurt Parliament.

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