Write 15 Slogans on Save the Tiger

By Esha Dhawan|Updated : September 1st, 2022

Tigers are a rare species that have been considered the pride of India since the pre-independence era. Since the Royal Bengal Tiger is the national animal of India, it is crucial to take measures to protect these majestic creatures. They play a critical role in preserving the ecosystem and diversity and keeping the wild animal community in check. Hence, to save the tiger population from poaching and other threats, we must spread awareness among people.


Slogans on Save the Tiger

  1. Save the National Animal
  2. Protect the roar of the Tigers
  3. Fight For The Right of mighty Tigers
  4. Join hands to save the stripes
  5. The tigers are mighty and strong; killing them for their fur is very wrong
  6. Don’t strip the stripes from the scenery
  7. Don’t be wild to tigers; save them!
  8. Keep smiling & save animals
  9. Hear them roar, for they may be no more.
  10. Don’t kill the beauty of the jungle
  11. Don’t kill tigers for your greed; they are the planet’s need
  12. Tigers are one of a kind; always keep them in mind.
  13. Shoot the tigers with a camera, not a gun!
  14. Save the tigers and save India’s pride
  15. Let’s act before they go extinct


Write 15 Slogans on Save the Tiger

Since the Tiger is the national animal of the country, it is our duty to protect this precious animal. To achieve this, an initiative called Project Tiger was launched by the government in 1973. But that’s not enough, as people must do their part to spread awareness against poaching of this majestic animal that is India’s pride. 

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