Work study is concerned with (A) Improving present method and finding standard time (B) Motivation of workers (C) Improving production capability (D) All of the above

By Raj Vimal|Updated : September 28th, 2022

Work study is concerned with improving present method and finding the standard time. One of the most effective methods for raising productivity is work study. Working-study is:

  • comprehensive analysis of activity implementation techniques
  • enhancing the efficient utilization of resources
  • to establish performance benchmarks

Effort-study streamlines a task to eliminate extraneous or superfluous work and inefficient resource utilization and establishes a standard time for finishing that task.

Issues Addressed By Work Study

Work-study is a strategy that addresses the following issues:

  • How a task should be carried out (Motion/Method research)
  • How long a task ought to take to complete (Time study/Work Measurement)

Work-study can be described as the analysis of a task with the goal of identifying the preferred technique of carrying it out and calculating the average time required to do so. Therefore, work-study is divided into two categories: technique study (motion study) and time study (work measurement).


Work study is concerned with (A) Improving present method and finding standard time (B) Motivation of workers (C) Improving production capability (D) All of the above

Work study mainly focuses on to enhancing current practices and establishing a standard time. It can be explained as the analysis of a task with the goal of finding the technique to complete work ASAP.


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