Why UGC NET Course is Beneficial for MHSET and WBSET Exam? Check Here

By Ashwani Tyagi|Updated : October 29th, 2020

Benefits of UGC NET Course for MHSET and WBSET exams: MHSET 2020 Exam Date has been announced. West Bengal SET Application form will come out soon in November. Cracking both these exams will be easy for students who are already preparing for UGC NET Exam. Students must start working hard to crack these exams.

If any serious candidate is already preparing for UGC NET Exam then MH SET and WB SET exam will be a cakewalk for them. In this article, we will be comparing the syllabus of UGC NET with MHSET and WBSET and how these exams are easy to crack if one is preparing for UGC NET Exam. UGC NET Exam is the basis for all the SET Exams. SET Exams are comparatively easy than UGC NET Exam. After Qualifying SET Exams, the student is eligible for the position of Assistant Professor in the colleges of a particular state. 

Exam Pattern of UGC NET, MHSET, and WBSET Exam

Every exam is characterized by its exam pattern. The biggest advantage to take all these exams is the similarity of the exam pattern. 

  • Paper 1: General Aptitude  (50 Questions)
  • Paper 2: Concerned Subject (100 Questions)
  • No Negative marking

Syllabus of UGC NET, MHSET, and WBSET Exam

Below we have provided the syllabus of all three examinations which is exactly the same. If one candidate is preparing for UGC NET, then they must know that the questions asked in MHSET and WBSET are of a lower standard than UGC NET. 

Paper-1 Syllabus

Teaching Aptitude

  • Learner’s characteristics
  • Teaching: factors affecting it with major reasons
  • Methods of Teaching: Institutions of higher learning
  • Concept about the Teaching Support System
  • Evaluation Systems: Full Details with examples

Research Aptitude

  • Meaning of Research 
  • Types and Characteristics of Research 
  • Steps of Research: Divided into three lectures (By our Team)
  • Methods of Research: Most Important Topic
  • Research Ethics: Ins and Outs about the topic
  • Article & Thesis Writing
  • Seminar, Conferences, Role Play
  • Symposium, Workshops
  • Thesis writing

Reading Comprehension

  • A passage related to International Affairs, Education, Schemes, etc. is asked.
  • 5 Questions are expected out of RC.


  • Nature of Communication 
  • Types of Communication (Detailed Structure)
  • Characteristics of Communication (Clearly Defined in our lectures)
  • Barriers affecting Communication: All Barriers 
  • Communication: Effective Communication

Reasoning (Including Mathematical)

  • Letter & Number series
  • Coding
  • Arithmetic topics like Simple Interest, Ages, Averages etc.
  • Set Theory & Venn Diagrams

Logical Reasoning 

  • Structure of arguments: What, Why, and How to Answer
  • Evaluating the Inductive and Deductive reasoning (Most Important Topic)
  • Verbal analogies: All types of analogies (Discussed in class)
  • Venn Diagrams relating to different objects 
  • Analytical Reasoning: One of the most important topic
  • Indian Logic: Pramanas, Anumana, Hetu etc. 

Data Interpretation

  • Sources, Acquisition, and interpretation of data
  • Graphical representation: Tabular, Pie, Charts, etc. 

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) 

  • Meaning of Information & Communication Technology
  • Uses of Information & Communication Technology
  • Advantages & Disadvantages of Information & Communication Technology
  • General abbreviations related to Information & Communication Technology
  • Basics of internet/email/websites

People and Environment

  • People & Environment Interaction: All about the Environment
  • Sources of pollution: Noise, Water, Air, Marine etc. 
  • Pollutants & impacts of their harmful side effects on Human
  • Natural hazards: Cyclone, Earthquake etc. 

Higher Education System: Governance, Policy, And Administration

  • Ancient Education
  • Formal & Distance education: Different types of Education in India 
  • Technical/Professional Education (Most Important)
  • Value education – Polity, Governance, and Administration.


  • Paper-2 is subject-specific.
  • Paper 2 Subjects:

1. Commerce

2. Management

3. Political Science

4. Economics

5. Computer Applications

6. Geography

7. Education

8. English Literature 

9. Hindi Literature 

10. History

11. Sociology

and many more.

All details about the subjects listed in these exams can be accessed through MHSET/WBSET official websites. 

Read here: UGC NET Syllabus Paper 1 & Paper 2

Why UGC NET Course is Beneficial for MHSET and WBSET?

  • The syllabus of both Paper-1 and Paper-2 is exactly the same.
  • If one candidate prepares for UGC NET, then they will find MHSET and WBSET comparatively very easy.
  • The mock tests that we set up are of the UGC NET level. Attempting these will make MHSET and WBSET very easy to clear.
  • Mock tests will make candidates time-bound and regularly attempting them in an exam like environment will make candidate perfect for the exam.

So, if any candidate is already preparing for UGC NET, then they must give MHSET and WBSET with full confidence.

Serious aspirants of UGC NET will crack these examinations with ease.

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Thank you, Team BYJU'S Exam Prep


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