Why is the Indian Ocean Named After Our Country? Write Any Three Reasons

By K Balaji|Updated : November 9th, 2022

The Indian ocean is named after India as it has central location between west and east asia. It has the longest coastline and is the international trade point for other countries.

India is the source of the term for the Indian Ocean because it lies in the middle of East and West Asia.

(ii) In the Indian Ocean, India has the longest coastline.

(iii) Because it protrudes into the Indian Ocean, India's southernmost extension of the Deccan Peninsula is crucial for trade that passes through the Indian Ocean.

Important Points about Indian Ocean

  • It is the world's largest ocean. India, which makes up a large portion of its northern border, inspired the name.
  • Eastern hemisphere is where it is located. 19.8% of the surface of the earth's water is covered by it.
  • It is situated between Asia, Australia, the Southern Ocean, and Africa.
  • It is the world's hottest ocean and is enclosed by land in the northern hemisphere.
  • Madagascar is the biggest island in the Indian Ocean (fourth largest island in the world).
  • The deepest trench in the Indian Ocean is called the Sundra/Java Trench and is about 7450 metres.
  • The Indian Ocean's marginal seas are crucial for trade because they provide vital marine lanes that link the Middle East, East Asia, Africa, Europe, and the Americas. An island, peninsula, or collection of islands that encloses a portion of an ocean is known as a marginal sea (group of islands). They are located close to land and are shallower than the ocean.


Why is the Indian Ocean Named After Our Country? Write Any Three Reasons

India serves as the geographic centre for both west and east Asia, hence the name of the Indian Ocean. It has the longest coastline and serves as a hub for international trade for other nations.

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