Why is Resource Planning a Complex Process?

By Shivank Goel|Updated : November 16th, 2022

Resource planning is a complex process because it involves different kinds of steps in order to finally achieve the desired result. Resource planning entails a number of phases, including resource identification, which also entails surveying and mapping different regions, the use of the appropriate technology and skills, and other things.

Resource Planning a Complex Process

Resource planning is a complicated process that involves identifying and cataloging available resources across the nation's regions, developing a planning structure with the right institutional setup, expertise, and technology, and aligning resource development plans with broader national development plans. It is a very daunting task when it comes to implementing the planned activities to get the desired results.

  • Resource planning refers to the process of carefully strategizing the proper utilization of resources.
  • It is required to be adopted at all levels, including national, regional, local, and state levels in order to have constant growth and development in the country.
  • It is a complex process as it involves various steps such as the following.
  • Identification of resources and surveying mapping of the various chosen regions.
  • Choosing and utilizing the most appropriate technology and skills.
  • Establishing certain institutions to implement the planned process.
  • Also, to match and ensure that the resource development plan aligns with the national development plan.

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FAQs on Resource Planning as a Complex Process

  • Resource planning is a complicated process since it requires a variety of procedures to ultimately get the intended outcome. Resource identification, which also comprises surveying and mapping various places, is one of the processes that it entails.

  • Yes, the process of resource planning involves a good number of steps such as identification of resources, surveying and mapping, using the right technology & skills etc.

  • Resource planning can be defined as a process of formulating and implementing a strategy towards proper implementation & utilization of available resources aiming at national development.

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