Why is Power Sharing Desirable?

By Shivank Goel|Updated : October 19th, 2022

Power sharing is desirable because social conflicts often result in violence and political instability, a valuable strategy for ensuring the stability of political systems. Power sharing reduces the likelihood of conflict between social groups. Given that social conflict frequently leads to vehemence and political instability, power-sharing is a viable strategy for ensuring the political system's consistency. 

Reason for Desirable Power Sharing

It may appear to be a good idea in the short term to enforce the dominant community's beliefs over those of other groups, but in the long run, it undermines national peace. In addition to being oppressive to the marginal, the mainstream deteriorates when it is attacked.

  • Power-sharing agreements typically include at least one of the following clauses: Authority can be political, economic, military, or geographical. Sharing political power includes the norms governing the allocation of political responsibilities and decision-making authority.
  • By requiring the simultaneous inclusion of all major parties in the executive branch through regulations on significant coalition formation, power can be shared.
  • Power is shared among various governmental branches, including agencies.
  • Horizontal distribution of power occurs when several government departments exercise different functions while remaining at the same level.
  • Governments can share power at various levels.
  • Given that social tensions frequently lead to violence and political instability, power sharing is an important strategy for ensuring the political order's stability.

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FAQs on Desirable Power Sharing

  •  A type of governance known as "power sharing" gives each primary sector of the society a permanent share of power; this system is sometimes contrasted with "government vs opposition" systems, which see ruling coalitions shift over time among different socioeconomic groups.

  • In a democracy, power sharing is preferred since it tends to lessen the likelihood of social conflict. Political instability and violence are caused by societal conflict.

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