Why is Earth called a living planet?

By Ritesh|Updated : September 1st, 2022

All living things, including plants, animals, and people, call the Earth their home, which is why it is referred to as a "living planet". The optimal solar proximity of the Earth makes it the perfect environment for developing living things. On Earth, the atmosphere and the presence of gasses that support life, including oxygen, are also essential.

Reasons for Calling Earth as a Living Planet

There are many reasons to refer to the Earth as a special planet.

  • In our solar system, the only planet where all the conditions necessary for the existence of life are present. Earth's climate is neither too hot nor too cold.
  • Our planet has water and air.
  • The two key elements for survival are air and water
  • The most important feature of the Earth is the availability of water.
  • Only our planet Earth is home to liquid water in our solar system.
  • The distance of the Earth from the Sun allows this as a planet close to the Sun receives more heat from it, whereas a world far away would experience heavy cold.
  • The world would be geologically dead if water were not available. The planet in the solar system famous for harbouring life is Earth.
  • On Earth, there is water, oxygen, and temperature.
  • Our planet's air, water, and temperature are just the right amount to support life.


Why is Earth called a living planet?

The Earth is called a living planet because it is the home of all living creatures, including plants, animals, and people.


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