Why do we Need to Conserve Energy Resources?

By Durga Prashanna Mishra|Updated : November 24th, 2022

We need to conserve energy resources to preserve these resources for longer use. The availability of conventional energy sources is constrained, and they may eventually run out. We must therefore assume responsibility for energy resource conservation to the greatest extent possible to spare future generations from hardship. Energy efficiency also contributes to environmental protection.

Need for Conserving Energy Resources

To reduce costs and protect the resources for future use, energy must be conserved. By releasing hazardous gases into the atmosphere, conventional energy sources harm the environment. The supply of conventional energy sources is finite and could eventually run out. Below we have mentioned why we need to conserve energy resources in brief.

  • Energy resources like coal, oil, and natural gas can cause pollution and medical complications. Conservation of energy makes sure less carbon footprint and hence less pollution.
  • Energy conservation minimizes carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere, lowering the chances of global warming.
  • Water is a limited resource, and hydropower plants need a lot of it to produce energy.
  • To make sure there is always a supply of clean water, the water needs to be cleaned and conserved.
  • Conservation of energy reduces habitat destruction.
  • Energy conservation will put an end to the threat of energy shortages.

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FAQs on Need for Conserving Energy Resources

  • Due to their scarcity and potential future depletion, energy resources must be conserved. Energy conservation would protect conventional energy sources, preventing issues for future generations.

  • Energy conservation means reducing energy consumption by using or producing less of it. However, energy conservation shouldn’t be confused with ‘efficient energy use.’ one of the simplest examples of energy conservation is using a cycle instead of a car. 

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