Why do We Need Political Parties?

By Esha Dhawan|Updated : June 21st, 2022

In a democracy, political parties play a crucial role and are formed by a group of people that come together to contest the elections with a similar political manifesto and policies. In fact, the political parties are so important that even in rural areas where there is negligible awareness about the constitution, people know about the different political parties.

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Furthermore, political parties are the most visible institution in a democracy and are essential to forming the government. Candidates from different parties contest the elections at local, central and state levels. These candidates are chosen by the internal mechanisms of the political party. Since every party has their unique programme and policies, if they win the elections, those policies are implemented by the government. 

Functions of political parties

Are you still wondering why do we need political parties? Here are a few functions that political parties play in a democracy:

  • Political parties nominate candidates who go on to contest the elections. 
  • A political party reflects the underlying political divisions of society. 
  • Political parties create programmes that shape the opinions of the public. 
  • Once a political party wins the elections, they form the government and implement the policies mentioned in its manifesto. 
  • If a political party loses the election, they go on to form the opposition in the state assembly or the parliament and question the actions of the government. This helps keep the government in check and makes the ruling party answerable to the people of the country.


Why do We Need Political Parties?

Political parties are essential to the structure of democracy as they play the role of putting forward the policies introduced by a particular government. These parties nominate candidates through internal mechanisms and they go on to contest the elections at different levels. Moreover, the party that ends up winning the election becomes the ruling party and their policies are implemented by the government. 

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