Why Do We Need a Constitution?

By Esha Dhawan|Updated : June 30th, 2022

One of the most integral aspects of a democracy is the constitution. But why do we need a constitution? Well, a constitution is the supreme law of the land and defines the policies, principles, political values, right, duties and powers of the government. More importantly, it is a legal document that states the beliefs and ambitions of the citizens of India.


The Consitution of India is the supreme law of the country that defines the relationship between the government and the citizens. 

The constitution of India confers constitutional supremacy instead of parliamentary supremacy. The original constitution had a total of 395 articles split into 22 different divisions and eight schedules. After almost 100 revisions, the number of articles has increased to 448. 

Reasons Why Do We Need a Constitution

Here are some major reasons why do we need a constitution in India:

  • A constitution decides how the citizens interact with their government. 
  • It is an important piece of legislation that establishes the laws important for different ethnic groups to live in peace.
  • It lays out the rules for how the government will be elected and who will get the authority to make big decisions.
  • It provides an explanation as to how the rights of the people are protected and also reflects their ambitions for a decent society.


Why Do We Need a Constitution?

Still wondering why do we need a constitution? In a democracy, the constitution is the supreme law of the land and an important piece of legislation. It lays down the guidelines and principles that are required to maintain peace between people from different ethnic groups and strata to live in harmony. Lastly, it outlines the responsibilities and limitations attached to the power of the government and expresses the aspirations of the citizens to create a good society.

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