Why did Muhammad Ghori invade India?

By Ritesh|Updated : September 4th, 2022

Muhammad Ghori invaded India to acquire wealth and spread Islam in the region. Muhammad Ghori, called Muhammad of Ghur, was the true founder of the Muslim rule in India. After a series of invasions, he managed to build a secure and powerful Muslim kingdom in India. As an ambitious leader, he wanted to achieve more power and wealth.

He was well aware of the religious, political, social, and military weaknesses of India as well as the vast wealth and gold that India possessed. He also desired to spread Islam in India by conquering the Hindus in the country. Ghori's successive invasions opened the gates of India to all foreign rulers. Ghori's invasions led to the growth of a new dynasty known as the Slave Dynasty.

Major Invasions of Muhammad Ghori

The major invasions of Muhammad Ghori against India are:

  • Conquest of Multan and Sindh, 1175-1178
  • Anhihvara, Capital of Gujarat, 1178
  • Conquest of Punjab and Lahore, 1179-1186
  • The First Battle of Tarain, 1191
  • The Second Battle of Tarain, 1192
  • The Battle against Jai Chand Rathor in Kanuaj, 1194 AD
  • Conquests of Gujarat, Bundelkhand, Bengal, and Bihar, 1195-1202 AD
  • Revolt of Khokhars, 1205 AD


Why did Muhammad Ghori invade India?

Muhammad Ghori invaded India to spread Islam in the region and obtain wealth. He is known as Muhammad of Ghur, the founder of the Muslim rule in India.


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