Why are Rivers Important for the Country’s Economy?

By Esha Dhawan|Updated : August 1st, 2022

We often say that India is a land of many rivers as they are a crucial part of our culture and mythology. After all, most human civilisations were born along river valleys. What’s more, many rivers are worshipped as goddesses in our country. But do you know why are rivers important for the country’s economy? There are multiple reasons for that. Let’s find out.

Firstly, rivers carry an abundance of minerals and sediments that are useful. Further, they provide an economical mode of transportation useful for trade and commerce. Rivers also carry waste and help in waste management of a whole town or city. Also, the water from the rivers is used for irrigation of crops which helps the agriculture sector of the country.


Rivers provide inland transport for commerce and trade and provide water for irrigation and generating hydroelectricity

Hydroelectricity is another aspect where rivers come to the rescue. They help develop this efficient and economical form of electricity which is pretty useful for any country. Lastly, rivers carry mineral-rich water that is consumed by most animals including humans for their survival.


Why are Rivers Important for the Country’s Economy?

There are numerous reasons why are rivers important for the country’s economy including cheap modes of transportation for commerce and trade. They also carry the waste of a city that helps in waste management and help generate hydroelectric power. Lastly, rivers provide water for the irrigation of crops and for our consumption as well.


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