Why are Elections Important for Democracy?

By Shivank Goel|Updated : September 5th, 2022

A crucial component of democratic governance is elections. A democratic government must be carried out through representatives because direct democracy, a type of government in which political choices are made directly by the complete body of qualified citizens, is unworkable in most contemporary cultures. Elections allow citizens to choose their leaders and hold them responsible for their actions while in government. In this post, we will discuss why elections are important for democracy.

Importance of Elections for Democracy

The largest democracy in the world, India, is built on the foundation of elections. Elections have created up to 15 Lok Sabhas since India's independence; the first one occurred in 1951-1952. According to the Constitution, every Indian citizen at least 18 years old is eligible to vote using the universal adult suffrage voting method. Every adult citizen of the nation has the right to vote, regardless of color, race, religion, or sex.

Elections give the populace a chance to express their opinions and vote for the candidate whose objectives and views most closely align with their own. Elections in India have been held since before the country gained its independence from British domination. However, before independence, the right to vote and participate was severely restricted. Following its independence, India implemented universal adult suffrage, granting the right to vote to every adult Indian.

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  • Voting is not required by law, yet it is a crucial component of every democracy. Voting allows citizens to take part in the democratic process. Leaders are chosen by those who will serve as their representatives and champion their causes.

  • All of India's adult citizens cast votes for candidates running in their various seats to become members of the Lok Sabha or lower chamber of the Indian Parliament. Only their constituency is open to adult citizens of India.

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