Who was the weakest Mughal emperor?

By Ritesh|Updated : September 5th, 2022

Humayun was the weakest Mughal emperor due to his inexperience. Under his leadership, the Mughal Empire saw the Sur Empire gain control of most of its former holdings. Humayun, whose name means "happiness," was the unluckiest emperor of the Mughal Empire.

Weakest Mughal Emperor - Humayun

Babur's eldest son was named Humayun. Six months after becoming emperor, Humayun stormed Bundelkhand's Kalinjar Castle, fought the Afghans at Douhru, expelled Sultan Mahmud Lodhi from Jaunpur, and even defeated Bahadur Shah of Gujarat.

  • However, his shortcomings meant that his victories were fleeting.
  • Three brothers were born to Humayun, Kamran, Askari and Hindal.
  • The division of the empire between Humayun's brothers turned out to be a big mistake in his favor.
  • Kabul and Kandahar were handed over to Kamran.
  • Askari and Hindal received Sambhal and Alwar.
  • Gujarat was taken by Bahadur Shah Humayun, who installed Askari as governor.
  • But soon after Askari left there, Bahadur Shah recovered Gujarat.
  • On his way to Agra, Humayun met his brothers to discuss.
  • Sher Khan prevailed in the east.
  • When Humayun marched against him, Sher Khan defeated the Mughal army at the Battle of Chausa in 1539, allowing Humayun to escape.
  • Humayun was forced to fight Sher Khan alone at the Battle of Bilgram or Ganga, also known as the Battle of Kanauj, in 1540.
  • After losing his empire, Humayun was exiled for the next fifteen years.


Who was the weakest Mughal emperor?

Due to his inexperience, Humayun was the least effective of the early Mughal Emperors. Humayun married Hamida Bana Begum, daughter of Sheikh Ali Amber Jaini, teacher of Humayun's brother Hindal, in 1952 while he was wandering in the deserts of Sindh.


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