Who was the last king of the Varman dynasty?

By Ritesh|Updated : September 4th, 2022

Bhaskaravarman was the last king of the Varman dynasty. He was famous among the medieval Kamarupas. The Varman dynasty was the first historical dynasty of the Kamarupa kingdom. It was founded by Pushyavarman, a contemporary of Samudragupta. As the Gupta power waned, Mahendravarman performed two horse sacrifices, and Kamarupa's status as an independent state remained intact.

Varman Dynasty

  • The Varman dynasty existed in south-eastern Bengal in the late 11th and 12th century AD first half.
  • Three copper plates and an inscription of Bhuvanesvara Bhatta Bhavadeva describe the history of the Varmans.
  • The Varman kings claim descent from the Yadava dynasty which ruled over Simhapura between Narasannapeta and Chicacole.
  • The Singapore Kingdom in Kalinga existed in the early 5th century AD and in the late 12th century AD. Varmans most likely came to Bengal in the Kalachuri Karna's train of invasion of VANGA.
  • Karna has invaded south-eastern Bengal from Orissa. It is seen that the Varmans were accompanied by Karna, remained in Bengal, and at a good moment carved an independent kingdom for themselves.
  • Bhojavarman, son of Samalavarman, was the last known king of the dynasty.
  • The Belava plate was issued in the fifth year of his reign by Jayaskandhavara stationed at Vikrampura.


Who was the last king of the Varman dynasty?

The last king of the Varman dynasty was Bhaskaravarman. He was famous among the kings in the medieval Kamarupa. The Varman rulers were Vaishnavas, but they also supported Buddhism.


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