Who was called the bismarck of Italy?

By Ritesh|Updated : September 4th, 2022

Bismarck indicates a man who is a respected leader in national or international affairs. The Prime Minister of Sardinia-Piedmont, Count Camillo de Cavour, led the effort to unify the Italian regions. Count of Cavour, Camillo Paolo Filippo Giulio Benso, Leri, and Isolabella, commonly called Cavour, was an Italian businessman, politician, nobleman, and economist, a famous figure for the unification of Italy.

Bismarck of Italy

  • He experimented with various techniques on his estate, like growing sugar beets, and was the first landowner in Italy to use chemical fertilizers. He also founded the Piedmont Agricultural Society.
  • He was a bad speaker. His knowledge of modern economics and markets in Europe earned him the position of Minister of Agriculture, Commerce, and the Navy in 1850. Cavour soon took control of Prime Minister Massimo d'Azeglio's cabinet. . Cavour combined right center and left-center in the chamber to show dominance. In 1861, Viktor Emanuel II declared the Kingdom of Italy, making Cavour Prime Minister of Italy.
  • Cavour believed Rome should remain the seat of a "free church in a free state" that would retain its independence but renounce secular power. Cavour recognized that Venice must be an integral part of Italy.
  • After the proclamation of the United Kingdom of Italy, Cavour assumed the office of the first Prime Minister of Italy; he passed away after three months and did not see the resolution of the Roman question with the entire unification of the country in 1870 after the conquest of Rome.


Who was called the bismarck of Italy?

Count Camillo de Cavour, Chief minister of the state of Sardinia-Piedmont, was called the Bismarck of Italy. He was the leader of the historic right and Prime Minister of the Piedmont-Sardinia Kingdom, a position he held during the Second Italian War of Independence and Giuseppe Garibaldi's campaign for Italian unification.


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