Who started the Academic Association?

By meenakshi|Updated : July 19th, 2022

The Academic Association was started by Henry Louis Vivian Derozi along with a bunch of students in Bengal (popularly known as Young Bengal) in 1828. He was a firebrand teacher at Hindu College, Calcutta, and became the first nationalist poet of modern India. He started the academic association for debating various subjects to progress against the prevailing evils in Indian Society.

Who started the Academic Association and why?

Academic Association is an association initiated by Derozi and Derozians in Bengal. The Derozians were a bunch of Bengali free-thinking students who emerged from the Hindu College of Calcutta. The Academic association was established to arrange discussions on various subjects, including-

  • The nobility of patriotism
  • The meanness of Vice
  • The high duty of cultivating virtue
  • Faith 
  • Fate
  • Free will
  • Free ordinate


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FAQs on Academic Association

  • Henry Louis Vivian Derozio was the president of the Academic Association in Maniktala, Kolkata. He started the association in 1828 to fight against the prevailing evils in society.

  • Derozians were a group of free-thinking students. They named themselves Derozians after Henry Vivian Derozio.

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