Who is Vishnu Gupta?

By Ritesh|Updated : September 3rd, 2022

Vishnugupta Candraditya was one of the less well-known Gupta Dynasty kings and is widely regarded as the Gupta Empire's last recognized emperor. Gupta Empire contributed to the subcontinent's political union.

Brief note on Gupta Empire:

  • The Guptas are thought to have been Kushana feudatories.
  • Uttar Pradesh and Bihar formed the Guptas' initial kingdom, with Prayag as its capital (U.P).
  • The rich plains of Madhyadesha, also known as Anuganga (the middle Gangetic basin), Saketa (U.P. Ayodhya), Prayag (U.P.), and Magadha, were where the Guptas established their power (mostly Bihar).
  • The Guptas took advantage of their proximity to regions in north India that engaged in silk trade with the Byzantine empire and the iron ore riches in central India and south Bihar (eastern Roman empire).
  • Due to the tremendous accomplishments made in the arts, literature, science, and technology during the Gupta era in ancient India are known as the "Golden Age."


  • He is typically regarded as the final acknowledged ruler of the Gupta Empire.
  • Ten years, from 540 to 550 CE, comprised his reign.
  • Vishnugupta was the son of Kumaragupta III and the grandson of Narasimhagupta.


Who is Vishnu Gupta?

Vishnugupta Candraditya was the last recognized king of the Gupta Empire. He was the fourteenth ruler of the Gupta dynasty. Vishnugupta ruled for 10 years that was from 540 to 550 CE. He was the predecessor of Kumaragupta III.


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