Who is the head of a tehsil?

By Ritesh|Updated : September 5th, 2022

A tehsil's chief is known as a tehsildar. A revenue officer accompanied by revenue inspectors is known as a tehsildar. He has a significant impact on rural administration. Also considered in relation to land disputes is the Tehsildar's office. The tehsildar oversees the taluka office. This is comparable to a district collector or office at the district level.

Tehsildar- Head of a Tehsil

The tehsildar performs the key duties listed below.

  1. Getting money from land sales
  2. Providing caste certificates to the students
  3. Monitoring the Patwari's job
  4. Ensuring the security of land records

Each tehsil or taluka's chief or principal elected official is known as a tehsildar. Different nomenclature, such as talukdar, mamledar, amaldar, and Mandal officer, is used in some states. Tehsildars serve as magistrates in numerous Indian states. At a designated location within the taluka region known as the taluka headquarters, each taluka will have an office called the taluka office, tehsil office, or tehsildar office.


Who is the head of a tehsil?

The head of a tehsil is referred to as a tehsildar. A tehsildar is a revenue officer who revenue inspectors accompany. His influence on rural administration is considered. The Tehsildar's office is another factor in disputes involving land.


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