Who is the first woman judge of Supreme Court of India? (a) Justice Leila Seth (b) Justice Anna Chandy (c) Justice Fathima M. Beevi (d) Justice Mary Joseph

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Justice Fathima M. Beevi was the first woman judge of the Supreme Court of India. In 1989, she was appointed to the Supreme Court. The first female judge of the Delhi High Court was Justice Leila Seth. On August 5, 1991, she became the first woman to hold the position of Chief Justice of a state High Court, the Himachal Pradesh High Court. The High Court of Kerala is presided over by Justice Mary Joseph. The country of India's first female judge was Justice Anna Chandy.

First Woman Judge of Supreme Court of India

The United States legal system is topped by the Supreme Court.

  • The creation and makeup of the Supreme Court are outlined in Article 124.
  • On January 28, 1950, the Supreme Court of India was established.
  • sometimes referred to as the "Guardian of our Constitution."
  • also referred to as "court of record."

The Parliament has the authority to alter the number of judges on the supreme court. The Supreme Court's membership grows from 30 to 34 after the appointment of the new four judges on September 18, 2019. The Supreme Court of India is presided over by the Chief Justice of India. The Chief Justice of India shall always be consulted prior to the appointment of judges other than the Chief Justice. The only body that has the authority to remove Supreme Court judges is Parliament, and only then according to a set legal process.

  • Only behavior or incapacity that has been demonstrated to have occurred can result in the removal of a Supreme Court or High Court judge.
  • A special majority in both Houses of Parliament must agree to a motion outlining the accusations against the judge.
  • The proposal will be transmitted to the President once it has been approved by a special majority in both houses.
  • The President then issues an order to remove the relevant judge.


Who is the first woman judge of Supreme Court of India? (a) Justice Leila Seth (b) Justice Anna Chandy (c) Justice Fathima M. Beevi (d) Justice Mary Joseph

The Supreme Court of India's first female judge was Justice Fathima M. Beevi. She was chosen to serve on the Supreme Court in 1989. The President appoints the Chief Justice and other Supreme Court judges in India.


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