Who is the father of Indian journalism?

By Ritesh|Updated : September 6th, 2022

James Augustus Hicky is regarded as the father of Indian journalism. Along with the Calcutta General Advertiser, he founded India's first newspaper, the Bengal Gazette, in 1780. The newspaper was only published for two years before the British government confiscated it in 1782 due to its vehement criticism of the Raj.

Father of Indian Journalism

  • Even though Hicky was imprisoned for his criticism, the newspaper became well-known among the British soldiers stationed in India at the time and encouraged Indians to start their periodicals.
  • The foundation for Indian independence will come from this.
  • The first printed newspaper in India and Calcutta was published in 1780 by an Irishman named James Augustus Hicky as the tide of free thinking and speech spread worldwide.
  • The four-page weekly Hicky's Bengal Gazette cost one rupee.


Who is the father of Indian journalism?

James Augustus Hicky is revered as the founding father of journalism in India. He established the Bengal Gazette, India's first newspaper, along with the Calcutta General Advertiser in 1780. Due to its harsh criticism of the Raj, the British government only allowed the newspaper to be published for two years before seizing it in 1782.


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