Who is called the father of PIL in India?

By Ritesh|Updated : September 4th, 2022

Justice Bhagwati is called the father of Public Interest Litigation (PIL) in India. He was the Chief Justice of India from 12 July 1985 to 20 December 1986. A public interest dispute means a dispute for the protection of public interests. That is an essential concept in law and politics.

Public Interest Litigation (PIL)

  • PIL is not defined in any Act or any Act. It was interpreted by the judges to consider the intention of the public in general.
  • It is the power it gives to the public courts through judicial activism. Some matters subject to entertainment PILs are neglected children, bonded labor matters, atrocities on women, non-payment of minimum wages for employees, exploitation of casual workers, adulteration of food, environmental pollution, disturbance of the ecological balance, etc.
  • Justice Bhagwati's remarks are worth mentioning here. He said that the government itself would never make it.
  • Only the people must exercise the good purpose of bringing justice to the doorstep of the great masses of the earth.
  • Justice Bhagwati was the messiah of civil liberties in the Indian context. In disposing of the case against the Union of India, he remarked that the court must innovate new methods and strategies to ensure access to justice for the large masses of people who are denied basic human rights for which freedom and liberty have no meaning.


Who is called the father of PIL in India?

The father of PIL (Public Interest Litigation) in India is Justice Bhagwati. From 12 July 1985 to 20 December 1986, he was the Chief Justice of India. Any matter where there is tremendous public interest can be remedied by filing a public interest lawsuit in court.


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