Who established Fort William College and why?

By Ritesh|Updated : September 5th, 2022

Lord Richard Wellesley established Fort William College to offer to teach Indian vernacular languages to the East India Company's civil and military authorities. This institution's primary mission was to educate British officials in Indian languages to improve administration.

Establishment of Fort William College

  • On 10 July 1800, Lord Wellesley founded Fort William College in Kolkata, British India.
  • The then-Governor-General of British India, Lord Wellesley, founded Fort William College (also called the College of Fort William) on 10 July 1800, inside the Fort William complex in Calcutta.
  • Wellesley established Fort William College to train European administrators.
  • He backdated the establishment's statute to May 4, 1800, in remembrance of the first anniversary of victory at Seringapatam over Tipu Sultan.
  • Bengali and Urdu were encouraged to expand due to Fort William College's efforts to train British officials in Indian languages.
  • The time frame is necessary historically. In 1815, Ram Mohan Roy landed in Calcutta.
  • Many historians regard it as the start of the Bengali Renaissance.
  • The beginning of Kolkata's emergence as an intellectual hub was marked by the founding of The Calcutta Madrasa in 1781, the Asiatic Society in 1784, and the Fort William College in 1800.


Who established Fort William College and why?

To provide instruction in Indian vernacular languages to the civil and military authorities of the East India Company, Lord Richard Wellesley founded Fort William College. This institution has translated thousands of works in Arabic, Sanskrit, Persian, Hindi, Bengali, and Urdu into English.


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