Who are Called Revolutionaries?

By Shivank Goel|Updated : August 23rd, 2022

Revolutionary is a term given to those who firmly believe in bringing a radical change to society by taking swift actions and speaking out loud about certain issues that are important from a social development perspective. Revolutionaries can be considered a bit aggressive in their approach as opposed to the 'reformists'. Revolutionaries intend to bring reforms by mostly challenging the 'status quo' and even replacing it if required.

Revolutions and Revolutionaries

Revolutionaries are the ones who boldly speak out against unjust activities and demand an immediate change in society and its norms. They actively participate and advocate for such major changes by being part of the cause and starting a revolution against the same.

Revolutionaries can be divided broadly into two categories which include those who favour violent revolution and the ones who don't, who are known as pacifists.

The world has witnessed a 'world revolution' in the early days, which followed the 'Marxist concept of overthrowing capitalism' in all the countries worldwide and this was to be achieved through a combined revolutionary action of the working class who were the victims of this capitalism.

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  • No, of course not. Revolutionaries believe in bringing major radical changes to society by changing the status quo if needed.

  • No. Revolutionaries and Reformists follow very different ideologies. Reformists do not support aggressive approaches.

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