Which was the main Center of the Wahhabi movement in India?

By Ritesh|Updated : September 6th, 2022

Patna served as the main Center of the Wahhabi movement in India. Additionally, it has missions in Bombay, Bengal, UP, Hyderabad, and Madras. Syed Ahmed Barelvi was the man who started it.

  • Indo-Islamic civilization had a major push for socio-religious reform during the nineteenth century, with strong political undercurrents.
  • The British conducted extensive military operations against the movement's adherents after the uprising in 1857 turned into an armed conflict.
  • The movement was entirely defeated by 1870.

Center of the Wahhabi Movement in India

  • Shah Walliullah is regarded as the first Muslim leader in India.
  • He served as the inspiration for the Wahabi Movement, also known as the "Walliullah Movement," a Muslim socio-religious reform movement that emerged in response to Western influences.
  • From Rae Bareli, Sayyid Ahmad (1786-1831) created the Wahabi movement.
  • The movement's Center of gravity was the "Quran and Hadith," the Islamic tradition.
  • Islam was intended to be purified and returned to its original simplicity by the Wahabi movement.
  • The focus of this Patna-based Islamic revivalist organization was to reject any alteration to the religion's core principles and restore it to its original form.
  • The War of Ambala (1863), in which the Wahhabis brutally defeated the British forces,


Which was the main Center of the Wahhabi movement in India?

The city which served as the main Center was Patna in the Wahabi movement in India, and the Dar-ul-Islam was to be established in India.

  • Therefore, the Wahabi movement was led by Muslims.
  • It didn't ever develop the traits of a nationalist movement.
  • Instead, among Indian Muslims, it created a legacy of isolationist and separatist impulses.


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