Which Type of Rotary Compressor is Used in Airplanes?

By K Balaji|Updated : January 25th, 2023

Axial flow type rotary compressors are used in airplanes. Combustion is an important part of an Aircraft’s engine to generate power. A high quantity of high-pressure air is required to mix up with fuel for combustion. Compressors must increase the air pressure and provide the required air to the combustion section in the engine for ignition. In Axial flow compressors, two mandatory elements that help the compressor to work well are Rotor and Stator.

Rotary Compressor Used in Airplanes

Axial Flow compressors are used in modern airplanes to generate more thrust and increased fuel efficiency. As it is known to all, that Airplane fuel is expensive, and a slight change in efficiency can save a lot of money. Usually, centrifugal flow compressors are a great option, but it lacks due to their inefficient feature of the compressors. There are two types of compressors used in aircraft, Centrifugal flow compressors and Axial Flow compressors

Work Function of Axial Flow Compressors

A Rotor pushes the air inlet where the Stator converts those air into a high velocity that helps the engine. The main reason to use an Axial Flow compressor is it has a high flow rate and pressure ratio. That increases fuel efficiency and generates high thrust in the engine to power the aircraft.

Work Function of Centrifugal Flow Compressors

Centrifugal flow compressors used in modern Aircraft are considered stable but not much efficient compared to Axial Flow Compressors. It produces a high-pressure ratio of about 5:1, which is less than the 6:1 produced by other compressors.

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FAQs on Which type of Rotary Compressor is used in Airplanes?

  • Airline employees use Axial flow compressors in Airplanes to get increased fuel efficiency and more thrust in comparison to Centrifugal flow compressors. Rotor and Stator are the two most important elements of these compressors. Since airplane fuel is very expensive, fuel efficiency is a critical factor.

  • The major difference between Axial flow generates high-pressure air with a 6:1 ratio and produces fuel efficiency with more thrust to the engine. On the contrary, centrifugal flow compressors are considered to be stable compressors and produce 5:1 ratio of air.

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