Which Soil is Found in the Deccan Plateau?

By Devyani Singh|Updated : July 14th, 2022

The Deccan Plateau is rich in black soil. It is also called the Deccan Trap. the soil gets its distinct black colour from the igneous rocks it originates from. These igneous rocks are of volcanic origin and the soil is formed from the denudation over time. 

Cotton is grown abundantly as the black soil is very fertile for it. Due to the traditional practice of growing cotton, black soil is often called black cotton soil.

What Type of Soil is Found in the Deccan Plateau?

Black soil is derivated from trap lava and hence, has its signature black appearance. It can be found in the states of Gujarat, Karnataka, Maharashtra, and Madhya Pradesh on the Deccan lava and the Malwa Plateau. These areas experience moderate rainfall. 

Black soil has a high clay concentration which makes the soil develop wide and deep cracks during the summers. However, its rich in iron granular structure doesn't let it become prone to water and wind erosion. It highly retains great amounts of moisture and hence, responds well to irrigation.

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FAQs about Deccan Plateau Soil

  •  Black soil is found in the Deccan Plateau. 

  • The black soil is also called regur or black cotton soil.

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