Which religion did Kanishka follow?

By Ritesh|Updated : September 3rd, 2022

Kanishka practiced Buddhism. The Kushan Empire had a ruler named Kanishka the Great in the second century AD. He is well-known for his military, political, and religious accomplishments.

  • Kanishka's conquests substantially enlarged the Kushan Empire, and he supported Buddhism, which helped spread Mahayana Buddhism from Gandhara across the Karakoram Mountains to China.
  • The Silk Road was another thing that came about due to his conquering.

Kanishka Religion - Buddhism

  • Kaniska is most known as a supporter of Buddhism for calling the fourth great Buddhist council, which launched Mahayana Buddhism, to Kashmir.
  • Chinese texts claim that official interpretations of the Buddhist canon were created and engraved on copper plates for the assembly. Only Chinese translations and adaptations of this literature have been maintained.
  • Kaniska was a tolerant ruler who honored the Buddha in addition to the gods of Zoroastrianism, Greece, and Brahmanism, according to the coins he issued.
  • The Gandhara school of art, in which Classical Greco-Roman lines can be seen in images of the Buddha, is perhaps the most striking example of the fusion of Eastern and Western influences in his reign. Contacts with the Roman Empire via the Silk Road also significantly increased trade and the exchange of ideas during his reign.


Which religion did Kanishka follow?

Kanishka was practicing Buddhism. In the second century AD, Kanishka the Great was the sultan of the Kushan Empire. His military, political, and religious achievements have earned him widespread acclaim.


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