Which one of the following is not the Characteristic of Decentralization?

By Raj Vimal|Updated : October 11th, 2022

(A) Autonomy

(B) People's participation

(C) To instill non-confidence among local communities

(D) To empower local communities

To instill non-confidence among local communities is not the characteristic of decentralization. Decentralization is the maximum amount of authority being delegated. Decentralization is distributing tasks, accountability, and matching power from the central unit of an organization to nearby regional and local units.

Characteristic of Decentralization

For your better understanding, we have mentioned some points below regarding the characteristics of Decentralization.

  • Political, administrative, fiscal, and market decentralization are various forms of decentralization.
  • Greater local autonomy and responsiveness to more specialized constituents are made possible by decentralization.
  • Decentralization does not "instill non-confidence among local communities."

Decentralization and participation work well together. On the one hand, local participation is necessary for successful decentralization. On the other hand, the decentralization process itself can improve the prospects for involvement by concentrating greater authority and resources at a lower level of government that is more accessible and amenable to influence.


Which one of the following is not the Characteristic of Decentralization? (A) Autonomy (B) People's participation (C) To instill non-confidence among local communities (D) To empower local communities

Decentralization does not have the tendency to undermine local communities' confidence. Decentralization strengthens local governments and communities by granting them the authority and autonomy to carry out fundamental obligations.


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