Which one is not a step of meaningful learning?

By Mandeep Kumar|Updated : August 1st, 2022

1. Explanation

2. Demonstration

3. Engagement

4. Illustration

The process of acquiring knowledge, skills, understanding, values, attitude, etc. is known as learning. In humans, the learning process starts with birth and continues until death. The theories that are associated with learning are Operant conditioning, Classical conditioning, Observational learning, etc.

Answer: Explanation is not a step of meaningful learning.

Various learning theories are available that describe the process of receiving and retaining knowledge by students. The Behaviorists believe that learning refers to conditioning whereas the Constructivists believe that learning depends upon the learner’s ability to learn.

Details on the Classical Theorists associated with Learning

The information on Classical Theorists has been presented below:

  • Plato: He believed that knowledge is present at birth and all information learned by a person is merely a recollection of something the soul has already learned previously. According to him if a person did not previously know something, then they cannot learn it.

  • John Locke: He considers a child as a ‘Blank Slate’ that is humans have no innate knowledge at the time of their birth. They adopt things from their environment and are influenced by it.


Which one is not a step of meaningful learning?

Out of the given options, the explanation is not a step of meaningful learning.

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