Which of The Following Method of Training is NOT a Part of The Off - The Job Training Method?

By Harshal Vispute|Updated : November 20th, 2022

A) Sensitivity training

B) Transitional analysis

C) Apprenticeship

D) Conference method

Apprentice is NOT a Part of The Off - The Job Training Method. People in crafts, trades and technical areas who need extensive Training before becoming proficient in their fields typically receive this kind of instruction. As apprentices need to go through the learning process until they become experts in their disciplines, this can be extended up to three to four years. Such Training is required for jobs such as mechanic, electrician, plumber, and toolmaker. The idea behind on-the-job Training is "learning by doing," which means that employees pick up skills while doing the work.

Which of the Following Method is Not of on Job training?

This form of instruction is often provided to those in the arts, sciences, and technical industries who require considerable training before becoming experts in their subjects. Such training is necessary for mechanics, electricians, plumbers, and toolmakers positions. On-the-job training is based on the principle of "learning by doing," which states that employees gain knowledge while carrying out their tasks. Apprenticeship is, therefore, NOT a type of off-the-job training.

Important Points on Job Training Method:

In business, a wide range of training techniques are employed. Diverse people are trained using various approaches, even within the same industry. All methods are separated into two groups:

Methods of On-the-Job Training:

The term "on-the-job training" refers to a method where employees, or operational staff, receive clear instructions on carrying out their duties on the work floor.

Methods of Off-the-Job Training:

Off-the-Job Training is where employees or workers learn their job responsibilities away from the natural work environment.

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FAQs on Method of Training is NOT a part of the off - the Job Training Method

  • Apprenticeship is NOT a part of the off-the Job training method. This can be prolonged up to three to four years since apprentices must go through the learning process before they are considered experts in their fields.

  • Apprenticeships generally fall into the following categories: agriculture, horticulture, and animal care; arts, media, and publishing; business, administration, and law; construction; planning; and the built environment; education and training; engineering and manufacturing technologies; health; and public services and care, among others.

  • Real employment where you can work, learn, and get paid is an apprenticeship. You have a contract of employment, paid time off, and are an employee. You'll be equipped with the necessary information and abilities for your desired career by the time your apprenticeship is over.

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