Which of the following is not a Conductor of Electricity?

By Mandeep Kumar|Updated : July 21st, 2022

a. Copper, Silver

b. Aluminium, Gold

c. Carbon, Hydrogen

d. Brass, Steel

Metals allow the movement of the free electrons between the atoms which enables it to conduct electricity. On the other hand, non-metals do not have free electrons like metals, hence, they do not conduct electricity.

Answer: Carbon and Hydrogen does not conduct electricity as they are non-metals.

Non-metals are electronegative elements that lack metallic properties. They are generally poor conductors of heat and electricity. Non-metals exist in all three states of matter i.e. solid, liquid, and gas. The non-metals that exist in the solid state are carbon and sulphur; bromine is a non-metal in the liquid state, and non-metals in the gaseous state are nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen, fluorine, chlorine, etc. However, at room temperature, non-metals exist in either a solid-state or gaseous state. They are brittle and amorphous in nature.

Non-metals generally have a lower melting point than metals. They are used for various purposes such as in gunpowder, match sticks, fireworks, etc. Besides, they are widely used as a fumigant, insecticide, to eliminate fungus, etc. In the presence of oxygen, non-metals undergo an oxidation reaction and form neutral or acidic oxides.


Which of the Following does not Conduct Electricity?

Carbon and Hydrogen do not conduct electricity as they are non-metals. They are poor conductors of heat and electricity.

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