Which of the Following Is an Application Layer Service? (a) File transfer (b) Remote login (c) Mail service (d) All of the above

By Ritesh|Updated : November 15th, 2022

The services provided by the application layer are remote login, mail services, file transfer, access, and management. The shared communications protocols and interface techniques used by hosts in a communications network are specified at the application layer, which is an abstraction layer. Both the OSI model and the Internet Protocol Suite (TCP/IP) define an abstraction for the application layer. Even though both models refer to their respective highest-level layers by the same name, their precise definitions and intended uses diverge.

Functions of Application Layer

  • Verifies the existence of necessary communication interfaces, such as whether the sender's computer has an Ethernet or Wi-Fi interface
  • Confirms that both ends are in agreement on error recovery processes, data integrity, and privacy
  • Establishes the protocol and data syntax rules at the receiving end
  • When appropriate enable device authentication between devices for an additional layer of network security.


Which of the Following Is an Application Layer Service? (a) File transfer(b) Remote login(c) Mail service(d) All of the above

File transmission, remote login, and mail service are examples of application layer services. Application-level services, such as file transfer or print spooling, as well as network-aware programs like email, are the two forms of software that give users access to the network at the application layer.


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