Which of the following is a Non Recording Rain Gauge?

By Manesh Singh|Updated : August 30th, 2022

Simon's Rain Gauge is a non-recording gauge extensively used by the meteorological department of India. A rain gauge is an instrument used to measure the precipitation in the area. It collects the water and reaches the earth's surface over a unit area. The rain gauge is broadly categorized into two types Non-recoding Gauge and Recording Gauge. Only Simon's Rain Gauge is used as a non-recording gauge in India. Recording Gauges are

  • Weight Bucket Type: The collection in the funnel is poured into a bucket mounted on a weighing scale. The instrument measure all types of precipitation.
  • Natural Syphon Type: Also known as float type gauge, it is extensively used as a rain gauge in India. The collecting funnel is connected to the chamber where the pen attached to the float tells the level of rainfall.
  • Tipping Bucket Type: Tipping buckets type is used to measure the rainfall from a distance, giving an electronic pulse that can record from a distance.

Rain Gauge Important Facts:

Check the crucial facts about the rain gauge that would help you understand more about the topics:

  • Must install it on leveled ground. Slopes are not suitable for good reading.
  • The installation must be done in an open space where precipitation can be recorded.
  • The funnel must be perpendicular to the ground.
  • It is easily accessible by the observer so that he can record the measurements timely.


Which of the following is a Non Recording Rain Gauge?

Symon Rain Gauge is a non-recording type rain gauge consisting of a funnel and a receiver. The rainwater is collected in a zinc metal cylindrical bottle which measures the level of precipitation collected in a day.

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Which of the following is a Non Recording Rain Gauge FAQs

  • Simon's Rain Gauge is the only non-recoding rain gauge used by the meteorological department of India.

  • Mainly 3 recording rain gauges are used, viz., tipping bucket type, weighing bucket type, and natural syphon type.

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