Which of the following approach is adapted by C++?

By Priyanshu Vaish|Updated : June 29th, 2022

Which of the following approach is adapted by C++?

  1. Top-down approach
  2. Bottom-up approach
  3. Right-left approach
  4. Left-right approach

Answer: B. Bottom-up approach

Bottom-up approach is adapted by C++.


C++ uses a bottom-up approach while C follows a top-down approach.

According to the Top-Down Approach, we first write the main function, which calls stubs, and then divide these stubs into smaller stubs until the actual job, which is coded in the final files, needs to be done.

In a bottom-up technique, the first step is to assemble small parts that do the essential tasks needed to make the entire program work. Then put them together using custom code, and finally put these pieces together to create the main procedure. Hence, the Bottom-up approach is adapted by C++.

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