Which Neighbouring Country is Located in the West of India?

By Ritesh|Updated : August 3rd, 2022

The neighbouring countries located in the west of India are Pakistan and Afghanistan. Pakistan shares borders with the Indian states of Jammu and Kashmir, Punjab, Rajasthan, and Gujarat. The official border line of Pakistan spreads across 3323 km. On the northern border, the Line of Control separates Indian-administered Kashmir from Pakistan-administered Kashmir. Similarly, on the southern end, a tidal estuary in the Rann of Kutch, called Sir Creek, divides Gujarat from the Pakistani province of Sindh.

Afghanistan and India share many cultural and historical ties. India has been a great provider of humanitarian aid to Afghanistan as well, with its efforts recognized by world organizations. To know more about India's neighbouring countries in the west, read the information given below.

Neighbouring Countries Located in the West of India

India shares borders with Pakistan and Afghanistan on the northwest side. The Indo-Pakistan border has been named to be among the most dangerous international borders in the world as it has been the site of numerous military standoffs and full-scale wars. However, beyond the enmity, the Indo-Pakistan borders are also a site where many border ceremonies are exchanged.

In a disputed claim, the Ministry of Home Affairs of India also recognizes a 106 km border with Afghanistan. This border lies on the Durand Line in Kashmir.

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FAQs About Which Neighbouring Country is Located in the West of India?

  • Pakistan and Afghanistan are the northwestern neighbours of India and share their borders with Indian states. The total length of the Indo-Pakistan border is 3323 km. This border is known as one of the most dangerous international borders in the world.

  • In total, four Indian states share a border with Pakistan, namely, Jammu and Kashmir, Punjab, Gujarat, and Rajasthan. Many border ceremonies are held on Indo-Pakistan borders to reflect feelings of brotherhood and rivalry.

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