Which is the Summer Capital of Ladakh?

By Raj Vimal|Updated : July 4th, 2022

Ladakh holds an important place in the Indian Borders. It plays an essential role in terms of Tourism and national security as it shares the international borders with neighboring countries, China and Pakistan. After removing article 370, the central government declared this as Union Territory along with Jammu And Kashmir. Also, Leh and Kargil as joint capital of Ladakh.

Earlier, it was part of Kashmir, but when the Reorganisation Act was passed in the parliament of India, the central government declared Ladakh as Union Territory. Undoubtedly, some people were against this law, and many were in favor as they have been trying for this since 1930.

Quick Facts About Ladakh

These are some of the facts that everyone should know about. Besides this, Ladakh has religious diversity as people follow Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, etc.

  • Ladakh declared Union Territory on October 31, 2019.
  • Leh was the Summer Capital of Ladakh
  • Skardu (now in Pakistan) was the winter capital of Ladakh.
  • Its temperature varies between +35 degrees celsius to -40 degrees celsius.
  • Ladakh is 3000 meters above sea level.
  • Kargil and Leh are the joint capitals of Ladakh.
  • Leh and Kargil are the two largest cities in Ladakh.


Which is the Summer Capital of Ladakh?

Before the independence of India in 1947, Skardu was the capital of Ladakh, but after August 15, 1947, India was divided into two parts. Skardu is now in Pakistan, and Leh became the new capital of Ladakh.

Later, the Central Government implemented the Reorganisation Law in 2019 and declared Ladakh as a union territory. Also, Kargil is the joint capital of Ladakh. It is known as the winter capital of Ladakh.

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Which is the Summer Capital of Ladakh FAQs

  • Leh and Kargil are two capitals of Ladakh. Earlier, only Leh was the only capital but later on, the central government gave Kargil the status of Joint Capital of Ladakh, at the time of the declaration of Union territory.

  • Yes, this is true that Ladakh has two capitals. Leh and Kargil both have the status of being administrative capitals of Ladakh. However, the distance between both capitals is about 219 KMs by road.


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