Which is the Smallest Bird in India?

By Ritesh|Updated : July 20th, 2022

The Flowerpecker or Fulsunghano is the smallest bird in India. India has rich biodiversity containing a lot of species of flora and fauna. Flowerpecker is 8-10 cm long in height and is commonly found in parts of Southern India, Srilanka, and Australia.

Which is the Smallest Bird Found in India 2022?

The smallest bird in India is the Flowerpecker or Fulsunghano (a Bengali word indicating ‘Full of Flowers’). It is mainly found in the Southern parts of India and Sri Lanka. They have a melodious voice, and their singing and chirping are blissful to the listeners. Due to the loss of habitat, some species of Flowerpeckers have become extinct or are endangered.

They are known as Flowerpeckers as they eat from the flower nectars. In addition to it, their diet includes spiders, small insects, and berries. Some known facts about the smallest bird of India are listed below:

  • They belong to a family called Dicaeidae.
  • They are also known as songbirds.
  • They are tiny and colorful with short dumpy tails and are often found on the higher level of trees.

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FAQs for Which is the Smallest Bird in India?

  • The Flowerpecker is the smallest bird found in Southern India. It belongs to the family called Dicaeidae and is usually 8 to 10 cm in height.

  • Bee Hummingbirds are the smallest bird in the world and are found only in Cuba. They weigh less than 2 grams. It is generally 2.25 inches long, making them the smallest bird in the world.

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