Which is the largest oxbow lake in India?

By Ritesh|Updated : September 6th, 2022

Kanwar Lake is the largest oxbow lake in India. It is the only Ramsar site in Bihar and is a freshwater lake in the Begusarai district. It currently faces the risk of running out of water. Oxbow lakes form in flat, low-lying plains where the river drains into another water body.

Largest Oxbow Lake in India

  • In 1984, Kanwar Lake (also known as Kabad Taal), created due to the Ganga's tributary Gandak meandering, covered 6,786 hectares, but by 2004 it had shrunk to 6,044 hectares.
  • According to a study led by Dr Ashok Ghosh, Chairman of the Bihar State Pollution Control Board, the area dramatically decreased during the subsequent eight years, reaching 2,032 acres in 2012.
  • Around Kanwar Lake (the region of light blue), encroachment for development and farming is fast rising.
  • Due to the encroachment of canals, a lack of documentation, and the government's indifference to the lake, the lake has reduced to around one-fourth of its original size as of 1984.


Which is the largest oxbow lake in India?

Kanwar Lake is the biggest oxbow lake in India and Asia, and it is a freshwater lake located in the Begusarai district. The only Ramsar site in Bihar has a possibility of running out of water now.


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