Which is Not a Renewable Energy Source?

By Manesh Singh|Updated : July 5th, 2022

Non-renewable energy does not get rewed over long periods of time, such as coal, fossil fuels, etc, as they take millions of years of regenerated energy. Renewable source of energy tends to get renewed or replenished with time. These sources of energy do not take a long period of time to regenerate themselves. Examples- Biogas, Wind, Natural Gas, and Sunlight. Renewable Energy is produced by the energy sources such as solar and wind as they never run out of energy.


Important Facts of Non-Renewable Sources of Energy

Here are some examples of non-renewable sources of energy along with their advantages and disadvantages.

  • Coal- Coal is a non-renewable source of energy. it is a reliable source of energy that is useful in summers and winters to get electricity and fuel; however, extraction is considered one of the most dangerous jobs as the extraction workers are exposed to dust and harmful explosions. 
  • Petroleum- Petroleum is another example of a non-renewable source of energy which is considered liquid fossil and also called crude oil. Oil extraction is one of the most inexpensive tasks with a valuable asset. It contains a lot of importance for us to rely on however burning petroleum harms our environment on a great scale and is very dangerous for all of us in the surroundings.

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Non-Renewable Energy Sources FAQs

  • Non Renewable energy sources are those that do not have a tendency to regenerate or replenished themselves with time.

  • Non renewable resources include natural gas, petroleum, coal ad much more.

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