Which is a Dance Form of Meghalaya?

By K Balaji|Updated : January 23rd, 2023

The famous dance form of Meghalaya is Laho Dance. There is a lot of importance of Loho or Laho dance in Meghalayan society. The communities of Meghalaya are famous for their rich taste and vibrant culture. The dance is especially famous in the Pnar tribal community of the state and is performed in every celebration.

Dance Form of Meghalaya

The music and dance of Meghalaya play a vital role in their festivals. Every celebration in Meghalaya, be it a wedding or an anniversary, involves dance and music. Hence we can understand the importance of music and dance for the people of Meghalaya.

In the culture of Khasi, the Meghalaya dance is performed in a Shnong (village), a Raid (group of villages), and a Hima (the conglomeration of Raids). Meghalaya was formed on 21 January 1972. Dance is performed at almost every festival in the various cultures of Meghalaya.

The Chipiah Dance is another name for the Laho Dance. Women typically wear colourful outfits and gold and silver jewellery. It is frequently performed during neighbourhood gatherings, especially when indigenous cultures are honoured and represented.


Which is a Dance Form of Meghalaya?

Laho dance is the most famous dance form in Meghalaya. This state in the northeast, which is a part of the seven sister states, is well known for its celebrations, festive ambience, and music. Their sophisticated taste and lively culture are reflected in this folk dance. The culture of Meghalaya is incomplete without its music and dance, which is a huge part of every celebration.

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