Which Indian States Share Borders with Nepal?

By K Balaji|Updated : September 4th, 2022

Five Indian states share borders with Nepal. These include Bihar, Sikkim, West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh, and Uttarakhand. India and Nepal share land boundaries of almost 1850 km. India and Nepal border is one of the unique international borders in the world as the native of both countries can cross the other’s border with a visa or a passport because of the healthy international relations and sustainable trade.

Indian States that share borders with Nepal

India shares a border of approximately 1850 km with Nepal. Here is the detailed information on the Indian states that share borders with Nepal, along with the total length of the respective borders-

  • Uttarakhand- Uttarakhand is connected to Nepal in the east. The length of the Uttarakhand and Nepal border is 275 km. The Banbasa, Uttarakhand- Bhimdatta, Nepal, is a major border crossing with Nepal.
  • Uttar Pradesh- Uttar Pradesh is connected to the Nepal borders in the North. The length of the Uttar Pradesh and Nepal border is 551km. It shares significant border crossings with Nepal. The important ones are Rupaidiha, UP – Nepalganj, Nepal, and Sonauli, Uttar Pradesh – Siddharth Nagar, Bhairahawa, Nepal.
  • Bihar- The length of the Bihar and Nepal border is 726 km. It shares a lot of borders with Nepal. It includes Jogbani, Bihar – Biratnagar, Nepal, Raxaul – Birgunj, Nepal, Madhwapur, Bihar – Janakpur, Nepal, Bairgania, Bihar – Gaur, Rautahat, Nepal, and more.
  • West Bengal- West Bengal is connected to Nepal to the north. The length of the West Bengal and Nepal border is 100 km. Panitanki, Darjeeling West Bengal- Kakarbhitta, Nepal, and Mirik, Darjeeling- Pashupatinagar, Ilam, Nepal are the major and small border crossings with Nepal.
  • Sikkim- Sikkim is connected to Nepal in the west. The Singalila range separates both. The length of the Sikkim and Nepal border is 99 km.

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  • Bihar, Sikkim, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, and West Bengal share the land borders with Nepal. It is approximately 1850 km, with Bihar bearing the largest Indo-Nepal border.

  • The major Indo-Nepal borders in Bihar is Jogbani, Bihar – Biratnagar, Nepal, and Raxaul – Birgunj, Nepal. The small border crossings include Bhimnagar, Bihar – Bhantabari, Sunsari, Nepal; Madhwapur, Bihar – Janakpur, Nepal; Bairgania, Bihar – Gaur, Rautahat, Nepal; Sonbarsa, Bihar- Malangwa, Sarlahi, Nepal; and Bhittamore, Bihar- Jaleshwor, Nepal.

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