Which Railway Station has the World's Longest Railway Platform?

By K Balaji|Updated : January 18th, 2023

Hubli Junction railway station in Karnataka has the world's longest railway platform. It has a length of 1,505m. Previously this record had been held by Gorakhpur railway station in Uttar Pradesh. It has a length of 1,366m. However, the Hubli Junction Platform is yet to be inaugurated officially.

World's Longest Railway Platform

The world's longest railway platform is nearly complete and will likely be officially opened by Prime Minister Narendra Modi soon at Shri Siddharoodha Swamiji Railway Station in Hubli. Gorakhpur station, in the North Eastern Railway Zone, with a platform length of 1,366 metres, will be replaced shortly following the completion of the lengthening of Platform No. 1 to 1,505 metres.

Relevant information about the world's most extended railway platform is given below. This information will be helpful for the questions related to the topic. 

  • Hubli Junction Railway Station has the most extended railway platform in the world, with a length of 1,505 m.
  • The full name of Hubli Junction Railway Station is Shri Siddharoodha Swamiji – Hubli Junction.
  • It is operated by South-Western Indian Railways.
  • This railway station has five platforms and eight tracks.
  • It is the busiest railway station in Karnataka after the Bengaluru city railway station.
  • Prime Minister Narendra Modi will inaugurate Hubli Junction Railway Station.


Which Railway Station has the World's Longest Railway Platform?

Hubli Junction Railway Station, operated by South Western Railway, has the world's longest railway platform, with a length of 1505m. Gorakhpur Railway station is in the second position on the list. However, Gorakhpur railway station is the official Longest railway station, as the Hubli Junction Railway Station platform is not inaugurated yet. However, its construction has been completed.

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