Which Chinese General defeated Kanishka?

By Shivank Goel|Updated : August 26th, 2022

The Chinese General who defeated Kanishka was Pen Chao (also known as Ban Chao). Kanishka was the ruler of the Kushana dynasty. According to Hou Hanshu (a book of the later Han dynasty), Pen Chao fought with almost 7000 men of the Kushan army near Khotan.

The territories of Khotan, Kashgar, and Yarkand were especially important to Kanishka as they provided him unlimited access to the Silk Road.

Kanishka and Kushan Dynasty

Kanishka ruled the Kushan dynasty around the 2nd century (127-150 A.D) and made it reach its peak. Emperor Kanishka is famous for his spiritual, military, and political achievements. Championing Mahayana Buddhism was one of the greatest contributions to history. He converted himself to Buddhism and encouraged the spread of philosophy through his tenure in his kingdom.

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FAQs on Which Chinese General defeated Kanishka?

  • Emperor Kanishka was defeated by the Chinese General, Pen Chao, also known as Ban Chao.

  • Kanishka was famous as a king due to his spiritual, military and political achievements.

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