Where is mica found in India?

By Ritesh|Updated : September 6th, 2022

The Chota Nagpur plateau's northern edge is where mica is found in India. The central producing region is in Jharkhand's Koderma Gaya-Hazaribagh belt. The primary mica-producing region in Rajasthan is located near Ajmer. Andhra Pradesh's Nellore Mica Belt is another significant producer in the nation.

Mica Distribution and Location in India

  • A naturally occurring silicate mineral known as mica is a non-metallic mineral.
  • Mica is a highly effective insulator with many uses in the electrical and electronic industries.
  • It has a low power loss factor and can sustain high voltage.
  • Because of its sparkly appearance, it is used in cosmetics and toothpaste.
  • In toothpaste, it also serves as a mild abrasive.
  • One of the world's top producers of mica in India.
  • Igneous rocks in AP, Bihar, Jharkhand, Maharashtra, and Rajasthan contain mica.
  • India produces 60% of the world's mica, a near monopoly in this industry.
  • Due to a decline in demand in the global market, production has recently fallen.
  • Due to the availability of better synthetic substitutes, demand has decreased.


Where is mica found in India?

Mica deposits can be found around the northern margin of the Chota Nagpur plateau. The Koderma Gaya-Hazaribagh belt in Jharkhand is the primary producing area. Near Ajmer is where most of Rajasthan's mica is produced. The Nellore Mica Belt in Andhra Pradesh is another significant producer.


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