When was the term "Ecosystem" first used?

By Harshal Vispute|Updated : June 29th, 2022

British ecologist Arthur Tansley used the term "ecosystem" for the first time in a publication in 1935. The term was coined by Arthur Roy Clapham, who created term at Tansley's suggestion. Tansley developed the idea to emphasize the significance of material exchanges between organisms and their environment. Later on, he clarified the term, calling it "the complete system," which "includes not only the organism-complex but also the full complex of physical forces comprising what we call the environment." Tansley viewed ecosystems as "mental isolation," rather than merely as natural groupings. Tansley later used the term "ecotope" to describe the geographic scope of ecosystems.

Structure of Ecosystem

The arrangement of both biotic and abiotic elements defines an ecosystem's structure. This covers how energy is distributed in our surroundings. It also takes into account the climate that prevails in that specific setting. An ecosystem's structure may be divided into two primary parts, namely:

  • Biotic Components
  • Abiotic Compounds

In an ecosystem, the biotic and abiotic elements are interconnected. It is an open system in which components and energy may move freely across barriers.


When was the term "Ecosystem" first used?

An English botanist named A.G. Tansley first used the term "Ecosystem" in 1935. In ecology, an ecosystem is a structural and functional unit where living things interact with one another and their surroundings. An ecosystem is a series of interactions between species and their surroundings.

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When was the term "Ecosystem" first used FAQ's

  • An ecosystem is a group of living things that includes both living and non-living elements of their surroundings and interacts as a whole. English botanist A.G. Tansley was the first coined the term "ecosystem" in 1935.

  • The structure of biotic and abiotic components determines how an ecosystem is organized. There are two main components that make up an ecosystem's structure, namely: Compounds that are both biotic and abiotic

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